Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Holy Grail Foundation | Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

You know that feeling you get once in a long ol'while when you stumble upon a product and simply know that it is the one, it has been your destiny to find it and your entire existence has just been justified because of it. Jokes aside, this foundation is my holy grail, and has been for the past two and a half years. 

Bourjois' Healthy Mix Serum is known for being the updated version of their famous original Healthy Mix, which although I have not tired myself, I have heard wonders about. Think of a light to medium completely buildable coverage, beautiful scent and a lovely semi-matte finish and you've equated to this beauty. It claims to last sixteen hours but from personal experience I'd say it stops looking quite as good around the eleven-twelve hour mark, but that's to be expected isn't it.  

At £10.99 for 30ml it isn't the best bargain I've ever found but it is definitely one of my favourite beauty products out there. I'll choose it above any other foundation I own every single time and I'll never tire of the beautiful fruity scent, either. I should put it out there - although it is scented, it isn't to the extent that it aggravates my skin, so this suits me just fine (and I have quite sensitive, combination skin that is unfortunately prone to acne). I'd recommend this to pretty much anyone - whether it's the younger girl wanting to dip her toes into the foundation-ny waters (and yes, it is worth the eleven quid) or the women who knows her stuff and just wants something that works. 

What's your holy grail foundation?


Friday, 17 October 2014

military x studs

khaki stud detail shirt h&m | grey v neck tee primark | black 'joni' jeans topshop (link) | black brogues dorothy perkins | black elephant print bag Thai market | watch casio via asos | necklace namaste, Camden market | black/silver bracelet cotton on | nails: models own snow white

I think anyone who is or has been a blogger will understand the feeling of sheer joy upon finding content you forgot to post. Wow. I was chuffed. Absolutely chuffed when I found these photos. 

I'm a firm believer that every single wardrobe needs the fundamentals, the basics that keep you going all of the way through the year regardless of the weather. This Primark grey v-neck is a prime example of this - at £2.50 or so a while back, it's the perfect layering device that is comfy and affordable. 

This khaki shirt is a firm favourite of mine and has been since I grabbed it for only a tenner in last year's October sales. It creases like no other though, as you may be able to tell. But I guess that adds to the rough, military look...right? Or perhaps I was a little too lazy to give it a good iron. You can decide.

Snow White by Models Own is hands down one of my 2014 nail polish favourites - seeing as I've now downsized my collection by a good two thirds, finding 'the one' is now considerably easier. It suits every outfit, so I never have any worries about matching/clashing with one of my many ensembles. I must admit though - snow white is in its prime when worn with a bit of a tan. Which reminds me that I need to disclaim - these photos are from late August, after Thailand. Not any time recently. London's been feeling the rain like no other and well it's been a bit...wet.

Until next time,


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Thalia in Thailand #9:The End & Trip Round-Up

So finally we've reached the end of my travels. It's been a long'ol while that I've been posting about my Australian & Thai adventures so please excuse me for that - ideally I would have sorted all of this out a little while back but alas, I'm here now, finally finishing them all off. I honestly had the absolute time of my life for the month I was away, and if anyone offered me to nip back in time I 100% completely would, if it meant I could relive it all. Even through the seven flights (totalling 40 hours in the air) and the 17 hours spent waiting in the various airports (6 of them, in total). I'm so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go, I really am. I'm so so grateful my family love travelling and that I've been raised in a way that has taught me to love exploring different cultures, even those thousands of miles away from home. This is getting a little bit soppy but I can almost guarantee that my parents will read this at some time so here's a massive cheers to you both. I adore you both so so much.

So what's the plan for Summer 2015, eh? ;)

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Thalia in Thailand #8: Floral Invasion

black crop top supré | black floral skirt miss selfridge | elephant print bag Thai market | studded loafers primark

This black crop top from Supré gives me life. I honestly love it - and I love to admit, it was far cheaper than the British counterparts available over here. At fifteen dollars (around seven quid) this body-fitting and zip-fastened beauty was all mine. Unfortunately, the weather over in the UK is making a seriously speedy turn for the worse, so this one will stay folded (yet loved) in the depths of my wardrobe until summer reappears in the probably distant future. I'm seriously missing the beautiful weather in Koh Samui - the beaches are illuminated with sunlight for oh so long and the tan I developed was a complete rarity, yet one I obviously appreciated. This trip gave me hope that sometimes (yes, sometimes) pale girls can tan. Substantial efforts may be put in. Hours of after-sun and SPF protection may go into it. But we can tan. We can. And that's what we need to remember during the long'ol  winter that is inevitably approaching us Brits. If you're fortunate enough to live in the Southern hemisphere/relatively near the Equator, I'm jealous of you. There, I said it. I love the wintery Christmassy vibes we have in the UK. But the weather is not the one. And I think I've just proved myself to be a true Brit by expressing my climate-related thoughts in an entire paragraph. My surname is Fairweather, after all...


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Thalia in Thailand #7: Elephants & Monkeys

We had a feeling that Koh Samui had more to offer than simply beaches. I say simply beaches - they are beautiful, albeit not the be all and end all of the island. Many companies offer ecotourism excursions, many of which involve elephant trekking, learning how to cook traditional Thai food, waterfall visits and seeing monkeys. And we wanted exactly that. 

We were picked up in a jeep and along with another family of tourists made our way to the Nuamuang Waterfall, stopping at a Thai hut deep in the centre of the island beforehand. Here a family taught a group of us how to cook hot Thai curry, consisting of green chilli, galangal and fish paste. To say it was a little hot would be the understatement of the century, but in terms of the taste I can tell why the Thai love it so much. 
We then made our way to Namuang Waterfall, located in the Na Muang Safari Park. Once we were dropped off, we hopped out of the jeep to a pathway surrounded by tall trees that framed the area beautifully. Market stalls injected some colour into the relatively shaded location and we walked down the path in awe.
It's hard to convey how beautiful the waterfall was the day we visited because it was so bright in some places that the light/shade and contrast simply didn't come out well in many photographs I took. However, these two make it look pretty nice (if I say so myself). The thing about waterfalls with me is that after visiting Iguazú Falls in Brazil/Argentina my standards are incredibly high although I do admit, Koh Samui had a good ol' crack at it. At the bottom of the waterfall there were many young Thai school children having the time of their lives swimming in the water and it was so sweet to see so many happy faces.
The rocks next to the waterfall reminded me of Robbers Cave in Dehradun, India. 
Now onto the bit I was most excited for - elephant trekking. My lovely friend Amelia visited Thailand last year and went on and on about how much fun it was and I 100% agree with her - it's such a great experience. You start out in a hut, built onto an elevated bit of land that essentially overhangs so that the elephants can be guided up and stop so you can hop on. It's quite shaky but so much fun and so surreal - I honestly had no clue quite how tall elephants were until I sat on one. As someone that's only 5"2 being that high up was something I'm not used to at all. I don't have many photos from when I was on it as it is seriously shaky so focused and clear photos are out of the picture, if you'll pardon the pun. The guide reaches a point when he takes your camera if you have one and literally jumps off the elephant, fearlessly (and evidently with a lot of practice under his belt). 
At this point the guide told me to get off the chair and actually sit on the elephant. I'm not going to lie - I found this so scary at first. Their hair is quite prickly so that's a little uncomfortable but more than anything I was convinced that I was going to slide right off the animal and well, you can guess how that would pan out. However, as I'm here today documenting my experiences you can probably tell I made it out 100% alive and I can tell you that I 100% loved the experience, too.
After visiting the waterfall we hopped back into the jeeps and went to a coconut plantation where we were shown how the monkeys were trained to run up the tall coconut trees and collect them, dropping them down onto the land below. 
You may have been able to tell from recent posts that I am loving this reflecty vibe at the minute so when I saw this gorgeous picture of one of the monkeys I had to give it some identical twin power. 
You could say that the monkey liked me more than my brother. At one point the monkey started to grab my brother's hair, and it was then that my Mum decided that a photo with the monkey wasn't for her. Back in 2005 we visited Gibraltar Rock and she got attacked by monkeys big time so with that in mind I don't blame her for that decision at all, even though the monkeys were a lot more...polite in Koh Samui.
To finish off the day we got to try some of the coconut water, fresh and recently collected from one of the trees. Now I'm not a massive lover of the coconut smell or taste so I didn't adore this but to me it was important that I got to experience it. I think that really applies to travelling in a greater sense though - even though you may not love something, it's an experience you've had, one that when combined with others makes you as a person and makes you interesting. And that's what's important.