Friday, 21 November 2014

Is CK One my 'the one'?

CK One | £18.50 for 100ml | The Perfume Shop (link)

You know those beauty bits that you have on your mental wishlist for more than a while (in this case, literally four years) and then when you finally buy them you wonder what on earth was going on on all of those occasions when you put off getting it, claiming "maybe next time" or "hmm, not now". When I ventured out to Reading earlier this month to catch up with my friend Nadine, I was feeling unusually impulsive when it came to shopping. Now as a blogger I do admit, I love shopping (who doesn't?!) but typically I think about a purchase before making it. My friends would say that because I'm ultra sensible/organised/uptight etc, but it helps me justify my purchases. Needless to say, this justification process wasn't going on when in Berkshire and this was among the bunch of things I picked up that day.

Now I'm not quite ready to announce a life-long commitment, but at 17 that's probably for the best. However, for the time being, this is my weapon of choice and for less than twenty quid, I'm not complaining.


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

rust jumper in Autumn

rust jumper tesco | black a-line denim skirt asos (link) | black shearling coat mango | black textured flats new look (link) | silver mini watch casio

My goodness it's been a long'ol while since I posted an outfit on here. It was during a moment of deep thought/daydream that I remembered that within my blog name importantly lies the word 'fashion', and so I figured I oughta get my act together. Now don't jump to conclusions - I have been wearing/loving/buying clothes as much as the next girl, yet I've seriously struggled to find the ideal time x place x light combination. Spending every hour of sunlight at sixth form leaves a navy sky upon returning home at the end of the day, as well as a missed opportunity to take pictures. I'm sure every other blogger in the UK/a light-deprived nation will understand. It wasn't that long ago that I used two small focus lights and my bedside lamp in a desperate attempt to photograph the two little lush pots that I wrote about not that long ago. Times are hard, and I'm not pleased about it.

On a less serious/melodramatic note, life is going well at the moment. The whole idea of thinking about life too much feels more philosophical than necessary but I really mean it, things are looking up at the moment and I'm really happy about it. I mentioned recently that I applied to university (and I documented my struggles applying in my Live Mag UK article here) and fortunately, the UCAS/admissions Gods have listened to my calling and responded. I have currently have 3 offers and 2 interviews, and somehow managed to rack up the quintet within the space of a week. However, I did have to wait nearly two weeks to hear anything, so I did feel the pain of the waiting game. Alternatively, one of my best friends got a response in two hours...a record, I think. I'm working hard and feeling so so motivated and just ready to end my time at school with a bang. Or preferably, ABB.

As for the outfit - I freaking love this skirt. I've said it a million and four times before but I'll say it again, this skirt is simply 'the one'. I also own it in blue and I always have more colours hopping onto my saved list (berry acid wash, anyone?). It is so comfy, so wearable and is hands down my most worn item of clothing. This rust coloured beauty of a simple jumper is a Tesco find from eons ago (correction: probably 3 years ago) and is easily the comfiest thing I own. It came with a matching snood and really is a go-to Autumnal piece. I can just imagine it being the sort of item you'd see in a cute catalogue, with the model artistically throwing leaves into the air and with luscious-looking locks. Needless to say that isn't me for now - I'd get too impatient and receive numerous confused-looking expressions from fellow suburban London dwellers. I'll ramble about the coat another time, and that's a guarantee - I just know this fluffy goodness will be worn non-stop this Winter, and right now I can't get enough of it.


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Meeting an Idol | Alex Crawford

It's not very often that you get opportunities to meet people that really inspire you. So when they come along, for crying out loud, please take them. I learnt last week that taking those chances is completely and utterly, one hundred percent worth it.

"Nothing is thrilling about being shot at. There is something thrilling about being in the centre of history".

I got an email from One World Media about six weeks(ish) ago about a day all about foreign reporting careers, which consisted of three mini-seminars/talks. They all looked really interesting - and at £30, was a brilliant deal for such a valuable trio. But one of the three stood out to me - the talk with Sky News' Alex Crawford. She's inspired me big time for a while now - the reporting from Libya in 2011 made such a huge impact on the world and proved that some people are simply willing to work their arses off to show others the truth, no matter how difficult or controversial it may be. And also, it can be women that kick butt. Ever since, I've looked out for her on Sky News - whether this be when reporting from many locations around the globe or from the recent Oscar Pistorius trial.
I learnt a number of valuable lessons during the hour and a half-long talk with her:
  • There is nothing that replaces experience.
  • Safety is the most important thing.
  • Something is wrong if you do not get upset - as a journalist you must feel the story. It's impossible not to get affected.
  • [On the topic of interviews] "Don't be so set on the questions that you don't listen to the answers".
  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes or decisions.
  • You build a 'scar tissue' when you see bad things - you become stronger and learn to cope with them.
  • Have faith in yourself.

I can report that she is absolutely lovely in person - you would think that having experienced so much, she would have a permanent 'shell', but that really isn't the case. She answered numerous questions afterwards, and one of the responses in particular really struck a chord. The question was something along the lines of becoming famous as a reporter, how that is, whether that was the goal and whatnot. And Alex's response essentially declared that it is the story that you want to become famous, not the reporter. And that being famous as a reporter would probably do you no favours whatsoever.

And it was at that moment that reality kicked in. This woman has a family, lives in South Africa, and travels all around the world for her job. The intention was never to become well-known. It was to tell the truth and shed light on the situations you may not even want to be informed of.

And to me, that's incredibly inspiring.

Towards the end of the session, I asked a question about how living in Delhi made an impact on her life as a foreign correspondent and the influence it had. I did this as a fellow previous expat-Delhiite who was interested in the impact it made on her. And this was her reply (along with how she loved India, and that it made a definite impact).

"Travelling opens up the windows of your mind. You're always learning. You should always travel".

And I sat there, nodding happily (probably to the extent that I looked like an absolute lunatic), thinking 'yes girl 100% preach it yes yes yes'. Yes. Travelling is the way forward. And having someone else remind me of that had me itching to hop on a plane and explore another crevice of the world.

At the end I spoke to her and she signed my book, gave me advice and even got in a photo with me, despite how my camera refused to co-operate and took a good two minutes to do anything. It's times like that when I'm standing next to one of the most inspiring women on the planet and my camera simply refuses to photograph and I'm thinking 'please seriously this will probably never happen again, do not give up on me'. 

So that was the day I got to meet an idol. I've wanted to be a journalist since I was twelve years old. I recently applied to study it at university (and fortunately, in the past week I've had some pretty decent responses and things are looking up). But even if they weren't, I wouldn't stop now. I couldn't. Alex mentioned in the talk that as an aspiring journalist, you must really want it - interviewers can tell if you do or not. And I do. And I'll always look back to the signed message in my book. 

I refuse to give up.


Monday, 10 November 2014

Two Little Lush Pots

Mint Julips - £5.50/25g | Mask of Magnaminty - £5.50/125g or £9.75/315g

So the situation was that I'd walked an awful long way one day in central London last week, and feeling a little sorry for myself, I accidentally splurged. I think it's fate that London Waterloo's Lush branch is situated right in front of the only four platforms I ever use, so whilst waiting for the train I had to pop in. On that note, can I just holla @ whoever decided to put Lush there. Whenever I get off the train I be smelling 100% fiiiiine, and this makes me very happy.

With only a few minutes to spare I thought it wouldn't be wise to smell every single soap there (though trust me, I would have if time had permitted). Instead I left with the two minity-licious products that filled my mental I-seriously-need-this-now Lush list: Mint Julips and Mask of Magnaminty. Now I've used this mask before and absolutely loved it, so I felt it was only good of me to go back to it...right? The last time I got it was two years ago from Lush's Cardiff Queen St branch (another personal favourite, may I add) and I remember constantly smelling it on the train home to London because it smells so damn fine. It's really good for acne - something that is really irritating me on an on-and-off basis at the moment. 

I've never used a lip scrub before - admittedly I was under the impression that you should only use them if your lips were flakier than the numerous flake-based cereals currently on offer, and only in the deep and dark depths of the Winter. Boy, was I wrong. Mint Julips not only softens my lips but also gives me the sensation that I'm eating mint chocolate chip ice cream when I am unfortunately nowhere near this aforementioned pot of dairy goodness. Now I don't know about you, but in my opinion that is completely and utterly ideal. Who doesn't want to be licking their lips and tasting absolutely beaut - that's my question.


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Winter Wishes from ASOS

Oasis classic rose gold face watch | ASOS black and white check top | ASOS Whitby ripped jeans in Alaska wash | ASOS khaki sleeveless wrap blouse | New Look red block heel Chelsea boots | New Look ankle strap flats | ASOS multipack mini hoop earrings

It's no secret whatsoever that I'm a huge ASOS obsessive. In fact, I'm a believer that one of the best decisions I've made in 2014 was signing up for their Premier scheme. Unlimited next-day delivery for a year for a tenner? Yes please. And with ten issues of their brilliant ASOS magazine thrown into the mix, I really can't complain.

I realise that my above selection of ASOS picks don't scream the words 'inevitably long British Winter' to you but hey, I already have my cold weather fundamentals sorted out, so I'm after a few smaller bits to cure the many upcoming freezing nights with a little bit of retail therapy.

I'm really feeling an injection of houndstooth, burgundy and khaki into my wardrobe at the moment and well, that's a big ol' tick for three of my picks. The New Look heeled chelsea boots are such a gorgeous colour and have a bit of height that may do my 5"2 frame a bit of good. New Look have always had a firm spot in my heart when it comes to footwear, so these ankle strap flats have mysteriously crawled onto my list too. I actually tried them on a couple of months ago but decided no due to lack of funds (life of 17 y/o student for ya) but over that time I've been craving for them more and more. The only black flats I have as such are really small and thin loafers, and well, thin shoes simply aren't going to cut it nowadays. This calls for a 'replacement', non?

What's on your ASOS saved list at the moment?