Wednesday, 26 March 2014

seventeen candles

Las Iguanas | Kingston-upon-Thames, London

Empanadas: smoky turkey & cheese with spicy cranberry salsa
the Full Enchilada with spicy chicken, pepper, onion & cheese
the South American Dream
passport holder and luggage tag - Cath Kidston
burgundy boots - New Look

It's official. I'm less than a year away from becoming an adult. In reality I'm not sure how I feel about this - mmhmm, yeah, it would be nice to get out of secondary education (15 months away, not that I'm counting) and dive into la vie adulte but  I don't think a year is enough for me to say goodbye to my childhood. I am sure as hell excited to a) apply for the 3659342749 magazine/newspaper work experience programs that require you to be 18 and b) go to the Holi Festival of Colour in London next year - boo hoo England, in India there are no age restrictions. 

My seventeenth birthday weekend was a seriously good one - Friday was spent partying with friends (i.e. watching them fall in love with my Mum and take a few too many selfies with her) and munching on mini pizzas. On Saturday 22nd, my actual birthday, my family and I popped into Kingston to visit Las Iguanas, the exact same place we found ourselves on my birthday last year. Dad and I shared a burger and an enchilada, with neither of us finishing every scrap. We just couldn't, despite how much we wanted to.  The service didn't quite meet the excellent standards they lay last year but the visit was great nonetheless. Since taking my friend Nadine to the Stratford branch in January I have made sure to always order the empanadas - they remind me so much of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The food in South America is outstanding and Las Iguanas works well as a substitute in England - it's the perfect choice if you're wanting to fill the Latin American-shaped hole in your heart (I know the feeling, seriously). Las Iguanas have branches all around the country, including 5 in my birthplace of Central London. If you're not a Londoner don't fret, you can check if there's a branch near you by clicking here.

Sunday was a combination of relaxing, Gossip Girl-ing and writing a 1,400 word French essay which I will in the next 6 weeks learn off by heart for my oral exam in early May. The weekend was concluded with an order from my long-time friend Mr Domino's, and I must say, it was magical.

So right now I'm either in Liverpool/North Wales/somewhere between the two aforementioned places on a Geography field trip, so this post was scheduled in order to publish this sometime before August. I come back on Sunday evening so if, shock horror, my tenth installment of my weekly Sunday review doesn't go up this week, don't you worry. If it doesn't go up next week, you can worry. I may have fallen off the summit of Snowdon or something. 


p.s -This post wasn't sponsored by Las Iguanas, I just seriously like their food! I doubt they know of my existence but if you are a friend of theirs please send them in my direction, hehe...
p.p.s - I'm not sure if you'll be able to tell but oh my gosh the photo quality has improved big time thanks to my wonderful rents getting me a camera upgrade!! You guys are the best and you know it (and yes, I know you'll read this).

Sunday, 23 March 2014

the sunday review 09

So this week was quite eventful with my seventeenth birthday falling on a non-school day for what feels like the first time in decades (correction: 4 years). I celebrated with my friends on Friday night who were both brilliant and incredibly generous - honestly, I'm so grateful. During my party they also took the opportunity to become best mates with my mum - photo evidence of that here. More on how my birthday went down later though - I have a post planned on that due to be published ASAP.

Earlier on in the week I went to a UCAS convention with school and left with so many options crammed into my brain, from studying at an international university in the UK (a pretty confusing concept at first) to studying a course far different from what I'd originally planned. Right now I'm pretty concentrated on going into Media & Communications/Journalism but I don't apply for another 6 months or so, so until then there are no guarantees whatsoever. I've just got the odd 17 prospectuses taking up space in my room for now...

I hope you all had a lovely week - and a big wave to everyone from the United States who have stumbled upon my blog in this past week. I've noticed a surge of almost unexplainable views on here this week, so thank you for that I guess. The USA took over the UK for the first time ever on here also...what can I say, #teamUSA?!


Monday, 17 March 2014

#BlogTour - my writing process

So my lovely friend Clem, who I've met here and caught up with here, recently answered some questions on the #BlogTour, before nominating me to continue the tour. It's about the process we go through when writing, something I find really interesting and a good chance to have a sneak-peak into the lives of others (because, well...I'm a lil' bit nosy). I'd definitely recommend you read her post on the #BlogTour - you can find it by simply clicking the conveniently placed link here.

DIY floral stationery jars - post here

What am I working on?
Writing for my blog is an ongoing process and has been for the past two and a bit years, and it's something I love coming back to. Other than this, I contribute for London Beauty Queen once/twice a month (you can see my contributions here) and the experience has allowed me to match the content I produce for another audience as well as practice and improve other things, such as photography. I'm also in the early stages of writing articles for a fashion website, something that allows me to do research on high fashion and designers, something I have not done much of in the past. As an A-Level Student, I have a couple of essays on the go at any one time so I always dedicate some time to tackle work my way around those.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?
When it comes to blogging, I make sure I always include something that shows a hint of my voice, not only as a writer but personality that shines through rather than just stating what a photograph contains or the items of clothing I'm wearing in so-and-so outfit post. I like to give a personal tone, one that enables me to ramble on about the most unnecessary things if that's what is on my mind at the moment, as I don't like to restrict myself to sticking to one topic. I'll leave that stuff for the essays!

Rome - post here

Why do I write what I do?
I write primarily about high street fashion as it is what interests me the most, and it has been that way for a number of years. Every month come payday I have a mental list of things I want to buy, and the tales of how I wear them (and quite frankly, interact with them) give me something to write about, so I have a bit of a ramble and give it a press of the 'publish' button. I adore writing and it is incredibly important to me that I write about something that is truthful, that I believe in and that interests me, and I guess fashion was just that 'thing'. Travel is high up there too, and I've ended up focusing my beauty-related posts for when I contribute to London Beauty Queen.

How does my writing process go?
My writing process all depends on what it is exactly I'm doing - if it's an extensive, detailed article I will bullet point my introduction, paragraph content and conclusion on lined paper beforehand in order for me to have something to follow and stick to, ensuring I don't go too off-topic. For the majority of blog posts I will have the photos done in advance, so I load them and then basically pour type my thoughts out onto the page. The process can take anything from 15 minutes, if I'm feeling productive and inspired, up to an hour and a half for long'uns and ones that require deep thought. Before publishing I will preview the post a good 3-5 times, checking for any spelling/grammar mistakes as I really detest finding them after I publish. My Rome post is probably the one that required most planning, and took me a good four hours to write.

That's all from me today - I hope you found this interesting! I've nominated my favourite bloggers as of late, Ashleigh and Stephanie from the tall and the short of it, who should publish their thoughts as part of the #BlogTour next Monday. Look out for it - but in the time being, you can stalk their blog here.


Sunday, 16 March 2014

the sunday review 08.

photo from an upcoming outfit post, to be published soon

There really is nothing better than being with family. I mentioned last week that I don't get to see my family often as we're a collection of people placed kind of everywhere so seeing them in person is a rarity, albeit a very pleasant one. Monday saw my family and I head to our local Carvery (which, to anyone not in the UK, is a pub-like food place serving lots of meat, Yorkshire puddings and veggies, traditional Brit style). I have been craving one for goodness knows how long so taking Aussie relatives there was awesome. They loved it, I mean... as they should. The carvery is a place of Gods. The rest of the school week was pretty average, with lots of deadlines coming into place as of late and my mind finally getting the 'you should really get your revising on' vibes. I've got just under two months until my exams and I'm just so glad I have 6 fewer subjects than I had this time last year, exam season in year eleven simply sucked. If you're in year 11 right now - best of luck to you! You lucky lot have an incredible summer waiting for you at the end of it all.

The weekend was pretty average -I took a day off work today to go to the QS World University Tour in London only to find out that Melbourne Uni weren't there (despite being confirmed online) and encountered quite the number of rude people whilst trying to find answers. Finally a representative did arrive but it turns out my research was slightly more...extensive than theirs. Oh well. Mum and I grabbed a Subway afterwards (mine a toasted hearty Italian meatball marinara with extra cheese, as always) so that cheered up my mood quite significantly. The weather has stayed beautiful all week, which I'm incredibly grateful for. It's pretty outrageous stuff really, matching 'sunshine' and 'London' in the same sentence. Fingers crossed it stays this lovely because the upcoming week is my birthday week - yipeeee!

Post this week: goodness gracious


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

goodness gracious

burgundy marl t-shirt new look (teens) / purple biker jacket new look (teens) / petite joni jeans in 'vintage' topshop (link) / black faux leather bag with zips dorothy perkins (link) / black hightop trainers new look / earrings claire's

location: Barnes Common, South West London
The days are becoming longer, sunnier and generally more enjoyable and I'm on a quest to make the most of it. As I mentioned in my Sunday review post, last weekend saw me drag my Dad to Barnes Common to have a daddy/daughter chat and it was an enjoyable experience indeed. It's a bit of rarity, you know, when the weather is actually 'nice' in England. So yeah - making the most of it I am. Wishing I was elsewhere? Of course, that's a given. The travel bug hit me hard at a young age and the side-effects are yet to ease off.
As for the outfit: the plum biker has been practically glued to me for the past year, being an all-time favourite transitional piece in a gorgeous colour. The vintage Joni's are a new purchase and damn, I'm in love. Comfort, style and a nice tone is a seriously rare find. I'd been after an everyday black bag for what felt like eons, so finding this in Dorothy Perkins was a real treat. Being my usual frugal cheapskate self I waited until I had a voucher and snapped it up for £14, so if you're after it I'd say patience is a virtue, as is student discount. NUS card, galore.
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