Saturday, 20 December 2014

a not-so-small ASOS beauty haul

As you can probably tell, I succumbed.

The phrase "30% off" really doesn't go unnoticed - I work in retail, for crying out loud. I've learnt to prepare for sales for a while now. And preparing for sales, albeit stressful, is somewhat worthwhile when you see people enjoying them.

So I paid myself back for these occasions/endless sale-preparations...I guess? That's the justification I'm giving for the time being. To put it quickly and simply - I splurged. Hence the title. In my books, an eight-item spree is a not-so-small beauty haul. I'm usually good and restrict myself to only a couple of things. Also, as a retail worker and student I don't exactly have cash flying left right and centre. But as soon as that discount comes into action I get excited, which leads to inevitable spending. Luckily, this 8-strong collection totalled a mere eighteen Great British Pounds, so for that I am totally not complaining.  

I've listed the items along with their current prices, which unfortunately aren't all as good as they were a week or so ago! No worries though, ASOS are the best when it comes to sales and I bet their post-Christmas setup will not disappoint.

Matte top coat | Barry M | out of stock

Are any of these on your Christmas list?


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

roll neck jumper

pink roll neck jumper dorothy perkins (similar) | blue denim A-line skirt asos (link) | houndstooth coat dorothy perkins (similar) | black army boots topshop (link) | black zipped bag dorothy perkins | nails: rimmel let's get nude & barry m matte top coat

I realise this outfit is approximately 60% identical to my most recent outfit post but as I've mentioned before, when I find the key essentials that I really love, it's a true struggle to get them off me. Alas, this houdstooth coat will probably stay attached to me until the British weather warms say next April/May, perhaps?
I've raved on and on in the past how I am rather fond of a good ol' bargain so here ladies and gents, is my latest bargainous find. These gorgeous and sturdy Doc Marten-like boots from Topshop were a mere 20 quid (which I then later managed to reduce by a fiver - cheers, staff discount card!) They've got a good build - and I realise that sounds somewhat weird, but as soon as I spotted them in Topshop's Brixton branch I knew they'd be hefty enough to last the day and not suffer from too much wear and tear. The inside sole is cushioned and gives that nice bounce when you walk (can't be only me that loves that...right?) So far the only problem I've had with them comes down to a tale of rubbing/slightly harsh interaction with the back of my ankles, but hey, that was inevitable. As you can probably tell from the sheer length of this paragraph, I love 'em, and I'm rather chuffed.
On another positive note, there's not too long until Christmas (!!!) and crucially, an opportunity to lie in. Saturdays are the only days I have to treat myself to an extra-long kip, however recently I've gone without lie ins and I am missing them big time. I think that's one feature of self-employment I am seriously in awe of. Being your own boss and being able to sleep in? Bliss. For the record: I do understand there's way more to self-employment than that. My beautiful mama runs her own business and my lord does she work her butt off.

I'm off now to see the latest The Hunger Games release and my oh my I'm excited. I'll be back on here soon with a few too many beauty purchases that erm...'fell' in my ASOS basket during their 30% off beauty sale? It was going to happen, wasn't it. ASOS + sales = inevitable purchases. There really is no stopping me.


Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Rise of the Midi Heel

 Petite but ready to change the world: the midi heel.

Black midi heels new look (similar here) | dark purple midi heels dorothy perkins

Now now, I know for a fact that we're not all blessed with great height - this is coming from a 5"2.5 girl, and yes, the 'and a half' counts. When it comes to the winter party season we're all after those heels that do a bit more than simply 'doing the job', but in no way does this mean we ever want to sacrifice comfort. So for a long'ol while we've gone to heels with those not-so-secret platforms to reduce the inevitable tension on our tootsies, but what I'm going to argue today is that bigger does not necessarily mean better. Enter the midi heel.

Marketed as the type of heels for us girls who aren't all too fab at walking in 6-inch counterparts (count me into that club, please), midi heels add the necessary boost of height that doesn't leave you chatting to the necks/torsos of your mates - been there, done that. They're comfy enough to wear all night because you aren't putting ballerina-like pressure on your feet whilst you dance to Christmassy tunes and convince yourself to stay away from the wine. As for how long that lasts, that's down to you. 

Petite girls - embrace being small. It's taken me pretty much my entire childhood and the past few years of my adolescence to accept that being small isn't a bad thing. And only other short people can call you a 'midget'. Otherwise it is most certainly not okay. To the girls with legs far longer than mine that sit on the opposite end of the spectrum, make the most of your height and give yourself a boost without worrying that you'll be far taller than other people. And if you are, you can still rock it.

So all in all - midi heels are the comfortable alternative to potentially pain-inducing platforms that still look good. Never worry about having to bring those flats with you, you know - the ones that hide in your bag for ninety percent of the night before you sneakily whip them out and breathe a sigh of relief? Yep, those ones. Forget 'em. You've got midi heels now.


Saturday, 29 November 2014

Houndstooth Coat

houndstooth coat dorothy perkins (similar here) | purple jumper charity shop | denim skirt asos (link) | black chelsea boots topshop (similar here

My gosh it was a mare and a half trying to take decent photographs today. My mum (who is the lucky soul usually dragged convinced into taking my photographs) came to the conclusion that in Autumn the natural sunlight can be so freaking deceiving. What looks stunning to the eye can result out in a washed up mess after that shutter clicks, and thus we adventured around our local park looking for photograph-y spots, getting our shoes very muddy in the process. 

As a self-confessed bargain hunter I'm especially proud of this houndstooth coat. It was originally £89 due to being part of DP's 'luxe' range. Then somebody returned it to the branch I work at (a massive cheers, whoever you are) and it went on sale for £45. And then after noticing it was actually in my size - a rare occurrence - I snapped it up with my staff discount on top. I don't know about you, but by the time it dropped down to £33.75, I was all over it

Now I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment, but in the best way possible. It's my favourite month in 2 days (!!!) and I've got an university interview this upcoming Tuesday. An excuse to collect my work together and buy some new interview-appropriate clothes? I was completely up for that. So a smart pair of ankle flats, tailored trousers and a few too many Black Friday purchases afterwards, I'm feeling ready. I'm so excited for December.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Why I Love Travelling So Much

Melbourne, Australia | February 2002

Ever since I was a very young girl, my parents have raised me to love travelling. Now, by no means was this adoration forced. My parents enjoy travelling lots - my Dad has lived in England, Scotland, Canada, Singapore and India, and my Mum's native Australian-ness has meant she's travelled to a fair share of places too. I still remember the day we flew Australia-bound from London Heathrow in 2002. I was four years old, and we were returning to my favourite place in the world. Since then I've been fortunate enough to tick off a number of more countries off my to-visit list, and this list of mine is somewhat ever-growing.

Buenos Aires, Argentina | December 2012

Travelling has an impact on me that I don't feel when I'm not planning my latest trip or reminiscing on my last one. The word 'wanderlust', expressing a great desire to travel, sums my thoughts up in one word. However, to me, travelling is so many wonderful things rolled together in an eclectic and cultural mix. Here's why I love travelling so much...

Wherever I have visited, regardless of location, I have felt a sense of freedom. Now this varies from place to place, as you would imagine, however there's definitely something about being in an unknown place that makes you feel free. It can be confusing at times, overwhelming to say the slightest - but never in a negative way. 

Koh Samui, Thailand | August 2014

Exploring Foreign Cultures
For me this is the most fun of them all. Nothing irritates me more than hearing about people travelling and then not dipping their toes into the foreign culture, which they can do perhaps by eating traditional cuisine or speaking to a local. One of my favourite quotes is "the fool wanders, a wise man travels" as said by Thomas Fuller and I couldn't agree with it more. Sure, spend a considerable amount of time relaxing if you get the chance to go abroad - but pretty please, dedicate a few hours to explore the behind-the-scenes of the place. It deserves it, after all, and it'll probably enrich your mind in ways you won't even believe.

Bordeaux, France | June 2010

Global Languages
I'm a firm believer that foreign languages are the key to the wider world. And yet, I only speak one language. Hmm. When attending international school I always felt like a bit of a loser because compared to many, I was challenged when it came to foreign languages (translation: the cool kids were bi/tri-lingual, and well..I wasn't). I love being abroad and overhearing someone chat to their friend or speak on the phone having absolutely no clue what they're talking about. Was it what they ate for lunch yesterday? Was it their latest (horrific) pun that nobody found funny? I'll probably never know. And it's not knowing that makes it so intriguing.

Chiang Mai, Thailand | August 2014

Airports. Need I say more?
I'm one hundred percent one of those weird souls who has a strange adoration for airports. Knowing that entering one usually means I'm within a few hours of seeing somewhere different and somewhere new excites me beyond belief. It's reached a stage when I actually rate them - my personal favourite's Singapore Changi (indoor palm trees are a big yes from me) whereas I wasn't such a fan of Bangkok's Don Mueang. Think I'm weird? Part of me doesn't even care. Air travel is my absolute favourite, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Vatican City | July 2013

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page" - St.Augustine

The Memories
I have uncountable good (and bad) memories from travelling abroad, from my mum being attacked by monkeys in Gibraltar to waiting two hours in Rio's summer heat to visit Sugarloaf mountain...only for it to be so cloudy that the view was nonexistent. You begin to associate memories with a place that stay with you once you've left. Photographs capture the moment, but your memories are what make them complete. You'll miss them and reminisce, and ultimately never regret exploring that new place. Or eating those foods. And on that note, I begin to think about the beautiful beef empanadas I had when in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina. For any South Americans out there who may (although probably won't) be reading this, I am so jealous of you. 

Montevideo, Uruguay | December 2012

Travelling makes you jealous of what others have and grateful for what you do have. It works to complete your understanding of the wider world in incredible ways. So next time you're feeling outrageous, close your eyes and dot your finger on a map and add it to your to-visit list, provided it isn't in the centre of an ocean, obviously. Although that would lead to incredible photographs, I imagine...

"Don't tell me how educated you are. Tell me how much you have travelled" - The Prophet Mohammed